2022 Sunrise Color Run!

Updated: Mar 18

May 07, 8:45 AM PDT Sunrise Upper Parking Lot

The first annual Sunrise Color Run will kick off at the Sunrise Elementary upper parking lot. Bring your friends & family and come dressed in all the colors! When you register you can pick up your prize pack, which will accessorize you for your run! Prize pack contents are based on amount of money raised, so ask friends, family & neighbors for their sponsorship! The more money you raise, the more prizes you win!

8:45am - Check-in at the upper parking lot/bus zone of Sunrise (Race will begin and end there). Participants who have donated can pick up their prize packs at this time.

8:45-9:00am - Get colorful! Use your prize pack gear to get ready for the event

9:30 am - Let the run begin!

Who: Races is open to all family and friends of Sunrise. There will also be 2 checkpoints where family/friends can cheer on their students! Why: All donations will go to Sunrise and will help fund our Science Program. The Sunrise Science program is funded 100% by our PTA and not provided by the school. This program is the only one of its kind in our school district. Each year we are at risk to loose the program if not enough money is raised by the PTA. For this school year we have only raised $47,000 of the $70,000 needed to keep the program open! What to bring: Dress up in color! Bring good running shoes and water. Food and beverages will be avaliable for purchase after the event. How to sign up: Registration not needed and the event is free to all. Students who raise donations will receive prize packs on the day of the event.

Prizes for total amounts raised:

$25 = T-Shirt + Chalk bomb $50 = All of above + 2nd Chalk Bomb + Sunglasses $75 = All of above + Tie Dye Bandana or Sweatband $100 = All of above + 3rd Chalk Bomb + Beachball $150 = All of above + Colored Hair + Crazy Socks $225 = All of above + Cape + Mask $300 = All of above + Color Blaster $500 = All of above + inflatable guitar + fitness tracker $1,000 = All of above + AIRPODS!!! To make a donation, please either VENMO or PayPal with the students first and last name, teachers name and donation given. (ex: Sawyer Houtrouw, Mrs. Bradley, $300)

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