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Help fund our unique science program along with 15+ other programs for students.

*Fundraising numbers updated weekly

Your tax deductible donation funds our unique science program, school field trips, year-round events, and helps to bridge the gap for countless school resources and supplies.  Learn more about what your donation funds below!

Why Fundraise?

You may be aware that public schools are not fully funded by state or local tax levies. Sunrise PTA works to raise funds throughout the year to bridge this gap and provide our students with an enhanced education experience. 

Our primary fundraiser is a Direct Drive—SOAR for Sunrise!

What does my donation help fund?


The Sunrise Science Program includes includes Mystery Science software and instruction, in-class experiments and field trips such as Pacific Science Center.


The PTA provides funding and support for Equity and Diversity resources, safety and disaster preparedness resources and supplies, Art Docent program, after-school enrichment programs, school assemblies, school grounds beautification, Art, Music, and PE Supplies, teacher and classroom supplies, teacher appreciation program. Learn more.


Numerous events are hosted throughout the school year, including Multicultural Night, School Play, Art Walk, Science Fair, School Dance, Fall Festival, Color Run, Book Exchange, and more! View all upcoming events.


Your donation is tax deductible: Sunrise PTA is a non-profit, tax-exempt, registered 501(c)3 organization. 

Name: Sunrise PTA
Tax ID: 91-1286397
Address: 14075 172nd Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052


Annual Fundraiser

Oct 2 - 30th, 2023

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Make your donation go further with

Employee Matching

You can also multiply the value of your contribution by participating in employee matching, offered by many local employers, including Microsoft. Learn more about employee matching.

In October, we host our Fall Fundraising Campaign for the Year to coincide with corporate giving programs such as the United Way or the Microsoft Employee Giving Campaign. 

We are a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, so any contributions via payroll deduction, one time gift or any volunteer opportunities are eligible for matching funds from your employer. We currently have employees of Boeing, GE, Google and Microsoft submitting requests for matching funds.

Employees can not only donate money, they can also donate their time.  Check with your employer to determine if they will match dollars for volunteer activities.  For example, for every hour a Microsoft employee donates to the PTA, Microsoft will match $25.​

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