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4th & 5th Grade SCHOOL PLAY

Presented by Studio East

Space Pirates

Final Performance February 9th & 10th, 2024

Pirates! Aliens! Space Travel!Space Pirates tells the story of a student named Gabby who gets picked on during a school trip to the museum. Everything quickly changes when an alien spaceship accidentally beams up the Gabby and her classmates.  Bad goes to worse when the alien ship is suddenly attacked by SPACE PIRATES!  It’s only after this whirlwind adventure that Gabby becomes comfortable in her own skin, and her classmates appreciate her for who she is.

PARENT INFORMATION MEETING: Monday, December 4th, 7p-8p at Sunrise Elementary Room #123


AUDITION QUALIFICATION: Student must be a Sunrise Student in 4th or 5th Grade

AUDITION DAYS: Tuesday, January 2nd and Wednesday, January 3rd

COST: $115.00 (limited scholarships avaliable)


1. There is a mandatory parent meeting on 12/4 @ 7:00pm at Sunrise in room 123

2. The deadline to register is Friday, December 1st

3. There are 7 MANDATORY Rehearsals that actors must attend. No conflicts are allowed on these days (with the exception of illness):

  • Either Tuesday 1/2 or Wednesday 1/3 for Auditions

  • Thursday 1/4 (Callbacks) 4:00-6:00 PM

  • Friday 1/5 (Cast-in & Read Through) 4:00-6:00 PM

  • Monday 2/5 (Tech Rehearsal/Final week) 4:00-6:45 PM

  • Tuesday 2/6 (Tech Rehearsal/Final week) 4:00-6:45 PM

  • Wednesday 2/7 (Tech Rehearsal/Final week) 2:30-5:15 PM

  • Thursday 2/8 (DRESS Rehearsal!) 4:00-6:45 PM

* Rehearsal times are subject to change due to space availability

4. Regular Rehearsals will run from January 8 – February 8th [Mon, Tues, Thurs, (1) Fri 4:00 – 6:00, Weds 2:30 – 5:30] During this time actors are restricted to (2) conflicts / week

5. Not all actors will need to be present for every day of rehearsals. You will receive an email at the beginning of each week indicating when your actor will be rehearsing.
6. The final week of rehearsals are mandatory for ALL actors and will run 30 minutes longer
7. Parents must chaperone one rehearsal and participate in one committee in order for student to participate
8. There is a $115.00 fee to participate, payable to the Sunrise PTA [limited scholarships available]

**Each actor will need to be present for both performances: February 9 & 10 @ 7:00pm [arrival at 5pm]


Get Stated

To get started


View the full calendar and confirm that you meet the attendance requirements 


Sign up to audition & pay fees on website


Register with Studio East and sign waivers.


Pick an audition time slot!


Purchase play tickets to watch!


If you have any questions, please contact

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