April 18, 2022 - June 10, 2022

We are so excited to announce our upcoming enrichment classes which will include IN PERSON as well as online opportunities for your kids to learn, grow and engage with their peers after school!  

Space is limited so register today on our Sunrise 6Crickets page! Questions? Contact Robyn robynnazar@gmail.com or Sonal desaisonal@gmail.com


  • Encanto Musical Theater  -  Welcome to the magical theatre world of Seattle's Performers! Students will be singing, dancing and acting out scenes from the delightful tale of Encanto! There will be a final demonstration in the last 15 minutes on the last day of class.

  • Rock City - Musical Exploration - Whether you're a budding rock-star or an aspiring classical soloist, Rock City is the place to find real music education through dynamic musical and movement-based activities, exposure to live instruments and musically inspired story-time.

  • Ukulele 101 - Students will learn the basics of ukulele in an interactive group setting. Starting with the fundamentals of ukulele and music theory, students will learn everything they need to start playing songs quickly.


  • Learn Spanish! - In kitchen chemistry we will use 'ingredients' that we have at home and will learn about the chemistry behind them. We will explore, watch and even taste!

  • Amazing Artists - Join us for a fun-filled creative art session. Create a sculpture based on artist, Oldenburg. Design a collage as we learn about Disney artists, Mary Blair. The creativity never ends in this after school art session!


  • Kitchen Chemistry - In kitchen chemistry we will use 'ingredients' that we have at home and will learn about the chemistry behind them. We will explore, watch and even taste!

  • Physics Time - Want to learn about Light? Sound? Gravity? Magnetism? With daily hands-on experiments we will discover the fun in Physics and answer questions from our natural world.

  • Biology - Life in the Ecosystems - We will learn how organisms interact with one another, discuss the relationship between producers, consumers, and decomposes, will visit different biomes and have fun with various activities.

  • Our Solar System - We will learn about our sun and the planets in our solar system as well as comets, asteroid and astronauts. In every class we will have a fun hands on activity that will help us understand our universe.

  • Python - The Python Programming curriculum is a course covering topics typically found in introductory computer programming (coding) courses. Other introductory programming courses are not required; students merely need to have typical computer usage skills prior to starting this course.

  • Math Olympiad - Are you ready to become a Math wizard? Here students can participate in the olympiad or even prepare to become a Math genius. We will cover several topics (Algebra and Geometry) based on your grade level.

  • Roblox Madness - Roblox allows users to socialize, imagine, play, chat, interact, relate and create with other online players in different ways possible. This class will tackle the world of Roblox but with a twist! We will explore the game with a little bit of CODING!

  • Minecraft Madness - Join the adventure as you build your own world, fight mobs, and explore different landscapes. Minecraft is a video game with limitless possibilities. This class will tackle the world of Minecraft but with a twist! We will explore the game with a little bit of CODING!

  • Movie Making with Scratch - Scratch is a great language recommended for beginners in coding. It allows you to create animated and interactive stories, games, and movies. Topics covered of this class will teach students in depth of Scratch, the fundamentals up to creating their own animations, and projects to test the student's learning and enhance their skills.

The following is a list of activities available in the community. The PTA is not affiliated with nor endorses the mission views or activities of these organizations. The following serves only as a reference. 
Baseball / Softball
Woodinville West Little League
Woodinville Lady Falcons Select Basketball GIRLS
Boy Scouts of America
Crossfire Premier
Woodinville Select Basketball BOYS
Northshore Youth Basketball Association (NYBA)
Woodinville Lacrosse GIRLS
Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA)
Girl Scouts of America
Woodinville Lacrosse BOYS