Our fundraising campaign fell short this year, probably due to COVID-19 and remote learning.  This is our last big push to put science back on the table for our youngest learners!  Please donate what you can today... $20, $50, $100...or more!  Thanks for you support!!!




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(Polina Andreychuck / Treasurer)


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Donation FAQ

What is Fall Fundraising Campaign?

We know how important your child's experience at Sunrise Elementary is to you. That's why the Sunrise PTA orchestrates programs that enhance education and build a stronger community. That's also why, every October, we invite you to make these student investments possible by donating to the Sunrise PTA Fall Fundraising Campaign.

What do we do with the funds that we raise?

The Sunrise PTA projects spending between $60,000 this year to provide a wide range of unique and valued student experiences.  Did you know that the PTA provides 100% of the funding for the Sunrise Science Lab Program, provides additional classroom supplies requested by classroom teachers, and supports school dances, after-school enrichment classes and additional opportunities in art, music, and the library? Last year we were able to provide a new set of drums and new books were delivered to the library.  

How much money do I donate?

We aim to have each and every family contribute at some level. While we will accept any amount, if each family contributed $300, we would be very close to reaching the campaign goal of $60,000 this fall.

Our 2020 fundraising goal is $60,000.


Usually we rely on 70% of families to donate.  This year only 60% were able to give. But we did raise enough to be able to provide science to all students next year!


Thank you for your support!

Make your donation go further with Employer Matching

You can also multiply the value of your contribution by participating in employee matching, offered by many local employers, including Microsoft. Learn more about employee matching.

In October, we host our Fall Fundraising Campaign for the Year to coincide with corporate giving programs such as the United Way or the Microsoft Employee Giving Campaign. 

We are a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, so any contributions via payroll deduction, one time gift or any volunteer opportunities are eligible for matching funds from your employer. We currently have employees of Boeing, GE, Google and Microsoft submitting requests for matching funds.

Employees can not only donate money, they can also donate their time.  Check with your employer to determine if they will match dollars for volunteer activities.  For example, for every hour a Microsoft employee donates to the PTA, Microsoft will match $25.