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The PTA is an integral part of making the students school safe.

The Sunrise Safety and Security committee exists to provide support to initiatives at our school and in our community which protect our children. In alignment with the safety goals of the national PTA, we strive to provide support in the following areas: 

School Safety

School safety measures include advocating for the physical safeguards and parental education for the prevention of gun violence, bullying, sexual exploitation, etc.

Digital Safety

Digital safety measures include advocating for parental education on digital safety to prevent child exploitation, online harassment, pornography access etc.

Injury Prevention

Provide resource and advocacy for the prevention of injury at school due to physical activity or degragation of the school grounds.

Report a Concern to NSD

Easily report tips on bullying, harassment, drugs, vandalism or any safety issue through SafeSchools Alert. Every tip submitted to SafeSchools Alert is logged and sent to district administrators. You can submit safety concerns four different ways:

Call OR Text 855-521-2665

Email   |  Website

Sunrise Safety Initiatives

The Safety & Security committee are working on the following concerns with the principal and NSD leadership. For security reasons, not all updates will be posted publicly. For questions or further details please email or


To report a concern to the committee please use the form below.

01.  Cell Reception

The lack of cell reception at the school is currently being addressed with NSD as well as local cell phone companies. Cell reception boosters are scheduled for installation at the school this year.

0.2  Physical Safeguards

Security cameras are currently being installed at the school in addition to automatic locks and key cards. This should be completed by this school year.

0.3  Hall & Event Security

We are actively recruiting volunteers to patrol the halls before and after school as well as at school events. 

  • Before school 9:05-9:30AM

  • After school 3:50-4:15

We are also looking for volunteer police or other uniformed officers for this patrol. Please email or if interested.

0.4  Communication and Education 

We are hoping to empower the Sunrise community with the education and resources that it needs to help keep our kids safe. This includes scheduling regular meetings between the school and the community, providing guest speakers on important safety topics, including safety updates in the Sunrise Newsletter, and the creation of this webpage with resources for the community on safety. 

High Fives

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

The Sunrise PTA, under the guidance of the DEI committee, that partners with students, families, staff and our community to progress the National PTA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion purpose and to align with the Northshore School District Racial and Educational Justice Department ideas centering around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). 

  • DIVERSITY - Representation of and respect for people with all backgrounds, unique strengths and diverse abilities.

  • EQUITY - Every member of our community receives the resources and opportunities that they need to be engaged and successful.

  • INCLUSION - To value each individual's humanity and ensure all people feel safe, welcome and that they belong. 


All of our school events need volunteers like you to help make them a success. Thank you for your time!

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