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2020 Cake Contest Winners!

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Best School Spirit

1st Place - Eliza Padget (Mr. Atkinson)

2nd Place - Evan Horn & Chris Wellman (Mrs. Herron)

Best Seasonal Theme

1st Place - Olivia Thomson (Mrs. Schmoll)

2nd Place - Siena and Audrey Morris (Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Bradley)

Best Animal Theme

1st Place - Erin Fankhauser (Mr. Snyder)

2nd Place - Sofia Nazar (Mr. Snyder)

Looks the Yummiest

1st Place - Olivia Gai (Mr. Atkinson)

Tied 2nd Place - Freija Holmes (Mr. Bennet)

Tied 2nd Place - Pete Sebastian (Mrs. Rinearson)

Most Beautiful

1st Place - Inaaya Chowdhury (Mrs. Bradley)

2nd Place - Ella Fankhauser (Mr. Snyder)

Most Fun

1st Place - Diesel Cotter (Mr. Snyder)

Tied 2nd Place - Kate West (Mrs. Taylor)

Tied 2nd Place - Emma and Andrew Kang (Mrs. Vetterlein and Mrs. Taylor)

Most Creative

1st Place-Lucinda Cheng (Mrs. Schmoll)

2nd Place - Clara Zborowski (Mr. Snyder)

Best Use of Candy

1st Place- Mackenzie Herzstein (Mrs. Osgood)

2nd Place-William Kramer (Ms. Vetterlein)

2nd Place-Olivia Holland (Mrs. Robb)

Best Overall

1st Place- Delaney Cotter (Mr. Bennett)

2nd Place - Brooke and Reese Wagner (Mrs. Osgood and Mrs. Brown)

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