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PTA BOARD Positions Open

It takes a village! Jump into an inclusive PTA!

Do you feel proud of this school's sense of community? It feels that way because you dedicate your time and energy to children's education. This is your school; your PTA; your child's future. Sunrise children need you (yes, YOU!)

Now is when we look to fill the open PTA Board positions. Make a big difference by considering one of these open positions.

Open Board positions:

  • Co-President

  • Secretary

  • Co-secretary

  • Assistant Treasurer

  • VP Enrichment (X2)

  • VP Social Events (X2)

  • VP Communications (X1)

These positions are vital to our operations. No prior experience is necessary, and training and support is available. See the attached document for job descriptions.

If you are interested in nominating yourself for these PTA Board positions or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at: by November 26th, 2023

PTA members will finalize nominations and hold a special election on Dec 12th, 2023 to vote the new board members.

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